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  • Charka Briquettes 4kg

Charka Briketts are ultra-compact, and specifically formulated for lasting heat to keep your braai experience going for longer.

Hot tips for the “just now” braai:

Place a few Charka Firelighters and 10 Charka Briketts in the centre of the braai.

Light the Charka Firelighters and let them burn for 2-3 minutes.

Form a pyramid by adding as many Charka Briketts as you need.

Now socialise, enjoy a drink, prepare your legendary side dish or keep an eye on the big game – you have 45-60 minutes to take it easy.

To check when the braai is ready, hold your hand 10cm from the Charka Briketts and count to 10 – if you have to pull your hand away before you reach 10, the braai is still too hot!!!

Spread out the Charka Briketts to evenly distribute the heat.

Get the grid sizzling hot and then have a lekker braai!

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Charka Briquettes 4kg

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